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Henry signs college tuition bill



Gov. Brad Henry signed one bill and vetoed another bill today, completing his work on legislation passed during the 2007 session.


He signed House Bill 2103 regarding college tuition and vetoed House Bill 1930 regarding Oklahoma Health Care Authority.


Rep. Lance Cargill (R, Harrah) and Sen. Mike Johnson (R, Kingfisher) wrote the college tuition bill and Rep. Kris Steele (R, Shawnee) and Sen. Charlie Laster (D, Shawnee) authored the health care bill.


"Although a tuition-lock program was part of the overall budget agreement between the executive and legislative branches, I have serious concerns about the long-term impact of the language contained in this measure," Henry said in a statement. "I want to ensure that this legislation does not inadvertently result in higher tuition rates for all students or adversely affect the financial health and quality of colleges and universities, especially during an economic downturn."


Henry said his veto stemmed from his feeling that the legislation was not specific enough.


"While I support including under the Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act doctors who contract with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to perform administrative duties such as reviewing medical charts, this legislation is overly broad and ambiguous and is covered elsewhere in the Act," Henry said.


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