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Henry's Crime



Bored out of his mind in a mindless, night-shift job; married to a nurse (Judy Greer, "Love and Other Drugs") he likely no longer loves; rich in stay-the-same, Henry is in desperate need of change. Perhaps that's why when he's totally tricked by a friend into being the getaway driver for a bank robbery and is sentenced to prison, he happily does the time instead of turning in the real culprits.

Well, either that or the script just bears a hole as big as Reeves' salary.

The comedy
offers a twist in that once Henry is released — just a few minutes into the film, really — he plans to do the crime since he's already done the time. Cute idea, but its attempts at comedy fail, and what should be the most interesting part — the heist — is void of spark, other than the literal ones from the tools used to burrow into the bank's vault.

Reeves has no charisma here, especially in Henry's strange wooing of a local stage actress ("Source Code"'s Vera Farmiga who, despite being miscast, rises above the material). As a fellow ex-con Henry enlists, James Caan is more or less James Caan. That sounds better than it is. —Rod Lott


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