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Hepburn's tapes reveal frustrating Oklahoma experience



Hear that? No, it's not the loons from "On Golden Pond" welcoming us back, but the fiery temper of actress Katharine Hepburn smiting the Sooner State from her grave.


The Oscar-winning legend may have passed away in 2003, but her reportedly short fuse continues to spark, thanks to 22 boxes of her writings and memorabilia, soon to be unveiled to the public at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.


One such piece leaked to the UK paper The Guardian details Hepburn's run-in with an Oklahoma state policeman in the early Fifties. While touring with the play "As You Like It," she was pulled over for speeding "¦ and, well, she didn't like it. She called the 6-foot-5 cop a "moron "¦ handsome in a dull sort of way." The incident left her with such a sour taste in her mouth that she vowed to "flatten all the tires" of any car with Oklahoma plates that might make its way to her home state of Connecticut.


With such pointed put-downs, it reads like another case of a celebrity believing herself to be above the law "¦ as well as all the makings for a classic Hepburn screwball comedy.


Oh, if only Spencer Tracy were there.


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