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Here comes the judge



President Barack Obama selected Bacharach in January 2012 to fill the position vacated by Robert Henry in 2010. Despite widespread bipartisan backing, the nomination languished as Senate Republicans slow-played it in hopes that the GOP would take the White House in the presidential election and subsequently allow a President Romney to make such appointments.

Even Oklahoma Republican Sens. Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, both of whom strongly endorsed Bacharach, played along; last summer, the pair voted “present” when Democrats unsuccessfully tried to force a Senate confirmation vote. In the end, Bacharach fell short of the 60 votes needed.

But numbers, like political courage, can be flexible. On Feb. 25, Bacharach won Senate confirmation 93-0. Inhofe called the newly confirmed judge his “best friend” while Coburn was even more lavish in his praise.

Chicken-Fried News is certainly impressed with all the accolades about the judge — who happens to be the older brother of this rag’s editor-in-chief — but we must take issue with Coburn’s assessment that “you cannot find a blemish on this man in terms of his personal integrity.”

Where’s the integrity in overachieving just for the sake of making your younger brother look like a comparative slacker? Where’s the integrity in having beat the crap out of that aforementioned brother? And would it kill him to pick up the tab once in a while? 

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