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Here, kitty! Wait. No, nevermind, kitty.



This is the possible thought process of 27-year-old Kelci "Saff" Saffery, whose arm was ripped to the bone last week at G.W Exotic Animal Park, according to

The menagerie, located in Wynnewood, features about 150 big cats.

According to entertainment director of the park and owner of the cats, Joe
Schreibvogel, Saffery was in violation of proper safety protocol.

The young man stuck his hand through the fence, and his sleeve was caught, according to Schreibvogel.

After surgery, Saffery was able to regain feeling in his fingers, and all but
the tip of his right ring finger was saved. In a report from,
Saffery released a statement providing exoneration for his tiger friend.
He admitted to breaking the rules and said the tiger grabbed his glove
and pulled him in with his paws.

Only time will tell if these kitty cats will stay in their caged jungle in
Wynnewood. Until then, if you choose to brave the exotic park that’s
being talked about like it’s the beginning of a scary movie, keep your
fingers and arms far away from the tiger pens.

Updated: 4/13/20 This story has been updated to reflect Saffery's preferred pronouns. 

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