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Heroes: Season 1




When NBC's "Heroes" debuted last fall, I avoided it, thinking its concept of real people discovering unreal powers incapable of being done justice by network television. Leave it to this seven-disc set to shatter my theory. Sometimes, I'm pleased to be wrong.

Instantly addictive, it follows the individual, soon-to-intersect stories of everyday citizens coming into extraordinary powers during a solar eclipse, including an Internet porn queen with a "split" personality (Ali Larter), a politician's younger brother who can fly (Milo Ventimiglia), a high-school cheerleader who can't be hurt (Hayden Panettiere), a Japanese nerd who can stop time (Masi Oka), and a smack-addicted artist (Santiago Cabrera) whose paintings foretell the future "? one in particular establishes the season's arc: the nuclear destruction of New York City.

With feature-film quality, the Emmy-nominated "Heroes" is everything "Lost" wishes it could be: steeped in mythology, but forever in forward drive. The cast is close to uniformly excellent, but Panettiere and Oka are its breakout stars.

Serial-based shows like this are best viewed on DVD, when you don't have to wait seven days for the next chapter. So compelling is "Heroes," I sacrificed sleep to tear through it, and its extras "? including a longer pilot "? make this a must-purchase. 

"?Rod Lott


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