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Hey there, pussycat



Tishomingo was serving up fried feline last week when OG&E announced that a power outage in the area was blamed on a bobcat, according to a report from The Associated Press.

The power-line pussy apparently climbed a utility pole in Johnson County and must have accidentally touched two lines simultaneously, according to Brian Alford, OG&E spokesman. And the bobcat didn't exactly slink away " repair crews found its body still smokin' atop the pole.

Alford said the outage affected 3,100 customers, but power was restored in about an hour. He also said squirrels, snakes and rodents have been known to go up in flames, but never a bobcat.

Oddly, the Minneapolis StarTribune picked the story up and ran this reader comment: "well I guess we know whats for supper tonight in Ok. A good old fashion Bobaque."

Har-har. We bet it tastes like charbroiled chicken.

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