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Hey, you like giraffes, kid?



Now at the Oklahoma City Zoo, visitors have the opportunity to get their hands covered in giraffe slobber.

“This is the first time the zoo has had an actual giraffe feeding opportunity, and it’s very popular with our guests to be able to get up close and personal with animals,” said Tara Henson, director of marketing and public relations.

The feedings started around Labor Day Weekend, and the zoo plans to continue feedings except for during times of inclement weather. Feedings are $3 per person, and are open to all ages.

“From babies being held in their moms’ arms to toddlers, to older kids, including someone up in my decade, they love it,” Henson said.

right, Riley Rennels, age 5, feeds the giraffes at Oklahoma City Zoo.

The munchies for the giraffes include romaine lettuce and an assortment of branches found on plants throughout the zoo.

Before the feedings started, trainers worked with the giraffes to make them more open to guests. Two of the giraffes, Bogy and Ellie, are more outgoing than the others and usually come up to the feeding station, Henson said.

Feedings are daily from 11 a.m. to noon and from 1-2 p.m., and zoo staff members are on hand at the feeding platform to give instructions on how to feed the animals correctly.

“We do not want people to bring any type of outside food to feed the animals; it’s not healthy for them,” Henson said.

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