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H.G. Wells' Invisible Man: The Complete Series





For those who quite liked the direction Universal's "Invisible Man" franchise was headed toward the end "? and I speak mostly of 1942's Nazi-busting "Invisible Agent" "? you're bound to be drawn to the 11 hours that comprises "H.G. Wells' Invisible Man: The Complete Series."


Spread out over four discs, the 1958-1960 series ran for two seasons on British television, taking Wells' core concept of a scientist discovering invisibility. Here, it's not med student Griffin, but Dr. Peter Brady who accidentally renders himself transparent. Bound by bandages and sporting sunglasses and a hat, he undertakes missions of mystery and espionage for the authorities while attempting to concoct an antidote for his delicate condition.


All 26 half-hour episodes are winning, filled with high adventure, light humor and English manners,

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