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High School Musical: The Concert




First, a test: If you can complete the song lyric which begins "It's the start"¦," then odds are someone under the age of 16 lives under your roof, likely addicted to the 2006 Disney Channel movie-cum-zeitgeist phenomenon known as "High School Musical."


Somehow, that little made-for-TV flick has become the tween generation's "Grease." Its tunes are the very definition of studio saccharine, but so catchy, you're in danger of having them burrowing into your head simply via osmosis.


Never one to shy away from milking a franchise, Disney has released a taping of a live performance from its recent North American production (coming to Rose State in August, by the way), with all but one of the well-scrubbed cast members singing and dancing their way through the movie's musical numbers to a throng of screaming tweens.


One can guess my opinion on it "? OK, that Ashley Tisdale is cute, I'll give it that "? but I'm not the target. But my 7-year-old daughter "? who aims to be the future Mrs. Zac Efron "? thinks it's positively awesome. I know she's not lying, judging from the number of times I've to hear it from the next room.


Extras promise a sneak peek at next month's eagerly anticipated "High School Musical 2," but that's a bit of a cheat, since it offers no actual footage. Some may consider that a blessing.


"?Rod Lott


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