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Hinder drummer gets hot under the collar



Cody Hanson, in town on a tour break, wasn't at all happy with the Aug. 6 Soundcheck, detailing the early radio and iTunes chart success of "Use Me," the first single from Hinder's sophomore "Take It to the Limit" album, due out on Election Day.

Hanson and company — two management- or tour-related gentlemen whose names escape me — were noticeably confrontational and largely mad about the story's last sentence, which noted that eager Hinder fans would have to wait until Nov. 4 to find out if Hanson actually plays drums on the new album.

Studio drummer Robin Diaz was used for Extreme Behavior, Hinder's multiplatinum debut album — a fact confirmed by the band's bassist, Mike Rodden, in "Hating Hinder?," a Gazette story published last September.

Hanson accused me of "talking shit" and taking unnecessary "stabs" at him personally, and Hinder in general. He noted songwriting details and the band's studio activities were "none of your business" — a point on which we disagreed.

Although Gazette has published numerous stories about Hinder's success, including recent pieces on its induction into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, its BMI Song of the Year Award and its heavy presence in the nomination for the state's official rock song, Hanson said he and his band felt they had been slighted by coverage, although he said he realizes not everyone is a fan.

"I know lots of people hate Hinder, and I'm fine with that," he said. "It doesn't matter. Our fans matter, and they know we work hard and put on a great show."

Things ended with handshakes, and Hanson promised to make himself personally available for comment on future Gazette stories, of which I assured him — uncomfortable questions and all — there will be plenty. —Joe Wertz

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