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Hippo hero



Ponca City native Gayla Peevey Henderson, the childhood star who changed Christmas carols
forever with “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas,” re-visited Oklahoma
City for the first time since recording her novelty hit at the age of
10, according to

The one-hit wonder visited the Oklahoma City Zoo last week to lead a sing-along and sign autographs.

Henderson’s song became famous in 1953, the singer’s wish came true:
The zoo raised the money to get Peevey a 700-pound baby hippo. The child
greeted her river horse at the airport on Christmas Eve and then
donated the hippo, Mathilda, to the zoo.

The zoo then opened on Christmas Day, and more than 10,000 people flocked to see its newest addition.

seems the only way to actually get what you want for Christmas is to
dream up a hit song. Santa may be magical and all, but even he can’t
carry a hippopotamus without his back giving out.

... you think “I Want a Winning Oklahoma Hot Lotto with Sizzler Ticket
for Christmas” is catchy enough to make it big on the music charts? Not
even on iTunes?

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