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History of violence



Just because Glen doesn’t agree with K.A. Straughn (“Welfare recipients denied work ‘blessing,’” Aug. 31, Gazette), he calls the viewpoint “selfish, miserly, complacent and sedentary.” He goes on to reference a “fat face” “buried in fast food and takeout seven nights a week.”

I think a letter making such accusations exhibits some of the worst forms of stupidity that I’ve ever seen. Garcia goes on to say that Mahatma Gandhi once said that poverty is the worst form of violence.

On Sept. 18, Carissa Horton, 18, and Ethan Nichols, 21, were murdered at Hicks Park in Tulsa. Police said the victims were forced to their knees and then shot in the head. Police believe the couple was ambushed with a robbery motive, but then were killed.

If liberals now consider being poor the worst form of violence, where do you rank shooting two people in the head at point-blank range after you have already robbed them?

—Marty Morelli
Oklahoma City

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