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Reviewer's grade: D+


Who is the "Hitman?" He's Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant, the bad guy from "Live Free or Die Hard"), a completely bald but completely stylin' contract killa with a suitcase full of C4, guns and swords. He works for one of those off-the-radar secret agencies that pays him to eliminate politicians and whatnot. He's an emotionless automaton of a man who freezes up at the idea of sex, even when it's offered for free. He's also the center of a hoped-for cinematic franchise spurring from the digital world of first-person-shooter games.


Not gonna happen. "Hitman" is dead in the water "? an action film so schizophrenic in its editing that any action is rendered null and void. Without derring-do, you need something for your characters to do, but there's no viable story line, either. The electronica version of "Ave Maria" playing over the credits is cool, but it can't disguise the poor shooting, Tex. R


"?Rod Lott 




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