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Hochenauer nailed it'



I think Kurt Hochenauer nailed it in "The 'Obama effect'" (Commentary, Oct. 28, 2009, Gazette). I know several people who openly voted against Barack Obama because he was an African-American. These same people would have voted for Hillary Clinton, had she been nominated. Their votes for John McCain were actually votes against Barack Obama. I'm sorry, but truth is truth.

The really scary thing that arises from his commentary is that U.S Rep. Mary Fallin has a good chance of becoming governor of this state. Replace the "F" with a "P" and remove an "L" and what do you have?

In answer to the letter from Amber Nemecek ("Criticism not because of race," Oct. 28, 2009, Gazette), she, along with a myriad of conservatives, blames this administration for actions that were taken in 2008 by the previous administration. The rest of her letter makes even less sense.

"Michael N. Johnson, Oklahoma City

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