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Hog-wild for fair season



On Thursday, many will make their way out to the first day of the annual celebration, some solely driven by the insatiable hunger that can only be sated by the anomaly that is fair food.

This year, the Oklahoma State Fair has taken its food game to a whole new level by adding 20 new creations.

Taking the fried, bacon-obsessed themes even further, the food offerings will now include a bacon explosion sandwich (which comes with a free, other kind of explosion later, we as- sume), bacon-wrapped corn dogs, cheesy bacon bombs (not an actual bomb, tho.) and, naturally, deep-fried everything.

Would you like fried watermelon or butter on a stick? How about some fried barbecue brisket? If salivation is happening,
then stock up on your Tums and plan your attack on the newly expanded
food arena at the 2013 Oklahoma State Fair.

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