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Holiday stink



So who got the official Red Ryder carbineaction, 200-shot range model air rifle they were angling for this Christmas? Yeah, us neither. But, hey, could be worse. At least we weren’t on the receiving end of one of the stinky presents from McClain County Operation Christmas.

Not that the presents were dumb, or anything, they literally were stinky. As in, skunky. As in, sprayed by a skunk.

According to a report from UPI, a skunk got into nearly 800 presents Operation Christmas had collected for low-income families in McClain County.

Volunteer Peggy Christian said the group was trying to salvage as many as possible.

“The ones laying out, they have been sprayed with Febreeze many, many times,” Christian told UPI.

She also said a lot of folks had been calling the organization wanting to help, so here’s hoping the kids getting presents from Operation Christmas had gifts to open that weren’t so … fragrant.

And can we just add, UPI’s website had an interesting list of “related stories.”

Some intriguing headlines: “Man shoots self after spotting skunk,” “Skunk relocation stinks to town residents” and, our personal favorite, “Skunk freed from jar, no one sprayed.”

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