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Hot Hot Heat recalls past Oklahoma concerts



Many Oklahoma music fans have grown used to the state being passed over by big-label rockers. Luckily for fans of garage rockers Hot Hot Heat front man Steve Bays can relate.

"We grew up on a little island. It was a good population, but it was hard to get to and expensive for bands to make it to," Bays said. "So we grew up in an extremely appreciative state of music. It was always a big deal when a band we liked came through."

Bays and much of the other bandmates hail from Victoria, British Colombia and have made their way through our humble little state a couple of times, and on both occasions, he could tell Oklahoma shared his love and appreciation for a good show.

"The last time we played in Oklahoma, I think it was called the Green Door. It was such a great show," he said. "And the time before that was just a few blocks down the road from there."

He said he remembers those small shows so vividly because of the eager fans.

"I remember because it was just so awesome. Both shows were really cool. Oklahoma definitely brings a good crowd, and that's what I'm tripping on more," he said. "Graham Lee Brewer

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