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Hot! hot! hot!



Credit: Brad Gregg

“[Then] I got an email from Cosmo saying they had picked me,” he said. “I was caught off guard, but I was excited for the opportunity to represent my state.”

And represent he does. His scruffy facial hair doesn’t hide his chiseled jaw, which matches his chiseled abs.

where were we? If you want to stalk — er, support — Parker, follow him
on Twitter at @lanceaparker or like his Facebook page.

who currently has no girlfriend, enjoys Louie’s on the Lake and said
his perfect date would be a stroll around Bricktown followed by dinner
and dancing.

There you
have it, ladies. But you’ll have to be willing to commute for a while.
Parker just finished up his second season as goalie for the Edmonton,
Canada, pro soccer team and will remain there for postseason training.

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