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Charlie’s Jazz and R&B
5114 Classen Circle

Charlie’s is famous for not only for its wonderful selection of hard-to-find LPs, CDs and tapes, but for the lively owner and namesake. Charlie makes soul, blues and jazz the focus here, with plenty of rare pieces hidden away. meeting him is a must, and make sure to ask about some of the decorations around the shop.

Happy Days Record Shop
8916 S. Western

These may be some of the last photos ever taken of happy days owner Raymond Antosiak, who passed away June 6. happy days was filled with color, life and more LPs, tapes, posters and t-shirts than one ever could go through. Ray’s calm demeanor behind the desk, and slow walk to turn on the back lights when a customer searched through 45s, will be missed.

Size Records
8915 N. Western

This place is filled with goodies. Owners Jim Paddack and Dustin Wallace make sure the store is packed, regularly receiving new shipments of vinyl and CDs. Size skews toward the soul/funk/ jazz tastes while simultaneously catering to the punk and rock crowds who frequent the Conservatory next door.

Alley Records
1/2 W. Britton

Located in an alley, the town’s newest record store in
town is quickly making a name for itself. Although its shelves are
filled with all genres, it’s apparent that owner Ronnie Jay Wheeler’s
heart lies with rock ’n’ roll, and would be glad to pick up the guitar
for a impromptu jam session any day of the week.

Guestroom Records
N. Western

Guestroom is proof that people  still love vinyl. One can
find more new music here than nearly any other record store in the area.
You can tell co-owners/friends Justin Sowers (pictured) and Travis Searle are passionate about sharing music. Be sure to check out their
local section!

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