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House of Mystery #1





Leave it to two writers from the world of "Fables" to shepherd one of DC Comics' venerable horror titles back from the dead, as Matthew Sturges and Bill Willingham birth "House of Mystery."


As with the original title, which ran from the Fifties to the Eighties, this new "House" is built in the anthology format. Unlike its predecessor, however, a continuing story line runs throughout, with secondary stories being those told by the characters in the ongoing narrative. That main plot involves a group of people who find themselves trapped in the titular site, so far for reason unbeknownst to us.


They're doing their best, however, idling away time by drinking. And telling tales, of course; in this issue's case, it's a truly twisted fairly tale that features a woman mating with an overgrown fly. Hey, it's not for all tastes.


But it is for my tastes. I appreciate its skewed vision, sheer inventiveness and inviting art. My only complaint is that as welcome as it makes us, it ends just when things are getting really good.


"?Rod Lott


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