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How many children must die?



These events have become routine in this
country, but this one is getting attention because its on a larger
scale. What is wrong with us? How many children have to die before we do
something about this nonsense?

I don’t care what the
Second Amendment says: We are not responsible enough as a society to
possess the means with which we can kill each other so randomly and so
quickly. The Second Amendment was written more than 200 years ago, at a
time when its authors were fighting Native Americans and the British.
Now, I routinely see Native American commercials on TV, and the Brits
have been on our side for at least the last 100 years.

Centers for Disease Control, which track gunshot deaths in this
country, show that we annually kill 30,000 a year with guns. How many of
those deaths are children? What is wrong with us that we do absolutely
nothing about this?

Amazingly, the National Rifle
Association folks will once again tell us that the way to prevent this
is that we should all be armed! And I can assure you that I’ll get death
threats for writing this letter from some in the same group. Who among
us believes that we should all be armed to protect ourselves from events
like this? Preposterous. A great American philosopher once said, “Keep
doin’ what ya been doin’, and you’ll keep getting what ya got.” That was
Yogi Berra.

—Retired Lt. Col. of the Marine Corps Richard Westmoreland, Edmond

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