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How patriotic!



The Obama stimulus package, which has been so maligned and voted against by Oklahoma Republicans in Washington, has brought millions of dollars into the state. Those same Republicans have no problem hypocritically standing in front of the cameras back home with a large, oversized check for a prop, claiming credit for the Obama windfall, as if they are personally responsible for it.  

The Oklahoma media never writes a headline to show that these huge projects are paid for by Obama's stimulus money. He went against all odds to get that bill passed and every Republican voted against it, yet he gets no credit or thanks from Oklahomans. Current political candidates pride themselves in saying they will "fight the Obama administration." Apparently, it doesn't matter what the issue is, they are for the downfall of our president! How patriotic!

I challenge Oklahoma media to make a list of all of the projects and millions that have come to Oklahoma from the stimulus package, and headline it, "Obama's Stimulus Package Pays Off." Yeah, and there's a tooth fairy.
"Barbara Santee

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