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Oklahoma City Public Schools has given cell phones to some middle-schoolers as part of an experiment being done by Roland Fryer, a Harvard University professor. Fryer has been doing this for several years in different parts of the nation. It has worked in a few schools. His whole experiment is based on bribing students to make an effort to learn " sometimes he uses money, other times privileges, or some other incentive. Most of the time there is no improvement, and in some, test scores go down. (As efficient as OKCPS is, wanna bet on how their scores will do?) You can read more about this in the April 19, 2010, issue of Time magazine.

OKCPS is using cell phones to try to bribe students to at least learn a few of the answers to some questions on the standardized test. This test having been developed by some recent college graduate bureaucrat who has the backing of the government, which is holding education hostage with its mandates and threats. Ted Kennedy's No Child Left Behind is the latest threat to local education.

How is tweeting and testing friends during class instead of paying attention to the lesson going to improve students mastery of spelling, grammar and speaking, given the texting vocabulary?

"Richard Reames
Oklahoma City

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