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Hubble 3D



editing, the mission actually comes off as very orderly and routine. The high point of the drama comes when astronaut Michael J. Massimino has to remove more than 30 screws from a control panel. Not to say it looks easy, but it's a job saturated with tedium rather than high stakes, and even the astronauts seem to have a hard time pretending it's a big deal.

That said, the IMAX 3-D format is perfect for creating a sense of galactic immersion and scale in Hubble's images. It's understandable NASA would want to contrast the inhumanity of deep space with the humanity of those exploring it, but rather than letting us see how the astronauts "? humans like us, after all "? deal with the physical and psychological stresses of space travel, they give us the same sanitized, Cold War-era version of supermen having a good time in zero gravity. "?Mike Robertson


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