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Human Giant: Season One




Amidst all its ridiculous teen-oriented reality shows, it turns out there is something worth watching on MTV: the sketch-comedy show "Human Giant." The New York-based troupe is comprised of Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer, funny guys one and all.


This uncensored two-disc set collects the debut season's eight episodes. Admittedly, it takes a short while to settle in to the boys' style of absurdist humor, but once acclimation is complete, the laughs begin.


Among the more hysterical and politically incorrect segments are "Sea Land Psycho," in which a guy becomes bitterly jealous of a whale that "kisses" his girlfriend's cheek at an amusement park show; and a kids-only dramatization of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, in the faux film "Lil' 9/11." Criss Angel of "Mindfreak" is mercilessly spoofed in "The Illusionators," and "Lunartics" is a reality show in which NASA astronauts kidnap civilians to hunt and kill "¦ on the moon. Bits like "Face-Melting Ark" and "Corn Maze" are best left undescribed.


Disc two includes glimpses of the second season (Google "Will Arnett Killed by Sex Machine" for a great taste, even if it's not here), more than an hour's worth of footage from MTV's live 24-hour "Giant" marathon and an obscene amount of deleted scenes.


"?Rod Lott


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