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I Did It My Way and ... It Worked!: Redefining the Art of Entrepreneurship - Colleen J. Payne-Nabors



Yorkshire Publishing

Tulsan Colleen J. Payne-Nabors wasn't named the state's 2007 Small Business Person of the Year for nothing. In less than 10 years, she has taken the mobile medical service company she founded on a borrowed $90,000 into a company with annual sales exceeding $3 million.

How'd she do it? Glad you asked! Her book, "I Did It My Way and ... It Worked!," will fill you in, starting with an extreme desire not to follow her graduating high school classmates to go to work for Hertz. Instead, she enrolled at the University of Oklahoma "? despite not being considered a "candidate for success" "? and eventually became a nuclear medicine technologist. Then she had this great idea ...

"I Did It My Way" is a book that's part biography, part business. Although it could use more editing for style, the advice she doles out is Oprah-friendly and makes sense, such as success is earned, survival is up to you, do your homework, live for today. And so many corporations and companies could take a page from her on this one: Always do what is ethical and right.

"?Rod Lott

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