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I do not like that, Sam-I-am



Arguably, nothing good came out of the May 10 tornadoes that devastated parts of Oklahoma ... except maybe for giving a national weatherman the opportunity to make himself look like a fool.

"Good Morning America"'s resident map-pointer Sam Champion (is that a real name?) was with his own ABC crew at the Interstate 40 and Choctaw Road area, which is where Oklahoma City's KOKH-TV 25 also wanted to do its own live shot. Regardless of who was there first, Champion didn't appreciate the Fox affiliate's efforts and clearly made that known, as shown in a clip picked up by TMZ.

As the Fox reporter noted the demolished Love's Country Store "looks like a dollhouse," Champion held his notebook up in front of Fox's camera. The Fox reporter told her audience, "Unfortunately, some of the network crews are blocking our shot."

Champion told the camera, "You know the deal, you know the deal. You know where you're supposed to be. ... Just be there." Fox was forced to shoot over Champion's shoulder, and zoomed in to capture " dun dun DUN " an errant Hershey's bar.

A day later, Champion told New York Daily News he'll have a cancerous spot on his shoulder removed live on "GMA." Draw your own conclusions.

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