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I don't want my MTV



We need them to provoke discussion: Who did Stereogum snub? Is Pitchfork pushing chillwave too hard? Why isn’t the new Hinder anywhere to be found?

But one critic at MTV News, a certain James Montgomery (@positivnegativ, for those who like to send nasty messages on Twitter) swiped Oklahoma City as he compared punctuation-challenged psych rockers Portugal. The Man to our own Flaming Lips:

“It is quite possible to argue Portugal. The Man may be the new Flaming Lips, especially if you’ve ever caught them live (and since the Lips seem content to simply embed songs inside human skulls these days). They are both from spots firmly off the musical map (Wasilla, Alaska, and Oklahoma City, respectively).”

Seriously? We got compared to Sarah Palin’s hometown for being musically backwater?

This is war, MTV! Also, have you ever tried embedding a song inside a human skull? We at CFN assure you, it’s anything but simple.

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