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I feel pretty


By: Mark Hancock

People like to feel pretty. It’s just a fact of life.

We all have our own ways of feeling pretty. For me, there is nothing better than slipping into a formal dress for an event that requires just a little bit more from the closet and the rarely used makeup items.

Oscar Wilde once said that
one can never be overdressed. I find that to be true. Think about it:
When you rock formal wear, who looks at you?

Everybody looks
at you. Even if the occasion is your cousin’s wedding, people consider
you. They want to know where you are going and what you’re doing. It
just makes you feel extra special to clean up and look different than
the norm for an evening.

know who gets that? Ruth Meyers (6471 Avondale Drive; 842- 1478) does.
No matter the event you’re dressing up for, this high-end boutique packs
in all the top designers.

shopping at Ruth Meyers is always a good idea. From jewelry to purses
and the perfect colors and styles for the upcoming spring season, you’ll
find plenty you’ll want to take home.

your reason for dolling up is pending nuptials. You’ll need a dress for
that for sure, and you can find a selection at Pomp and Pageantry
Bridal and Formal (7317 S. Western; 631-1927). Looking for an elegant
mermaid-cut or perhaps a dreamy ballgown? Pomp is way ahead of you with
tulle and satin creations like you’ve never seen.

forget about your bridesmaids. And, brides-to-be, speaking from
experience as someone who has worn many bridesmaids’ dresses: Put them
in something hot. After all, they already have to spend a ton of money
on wedding-related things for you.

Then they’ve got to stand up in front of an entire crowd who has come to fawn over your love.

your crew a favor and let them rock a tasteful number that they’ll be
proud to wear. Set them loose in Serendipity Prom (13813 N. May;
286-3278) — with the agreed-upon general guidelines, of course — to
select styles for their individual body types and personal preferences.

If you must have more
control than that, pick the dress and let each bridesmaid choose their
shoes and accessories, which can also be purchased at Serendipity.

no one has forgotten about you. If you’d like to wear something other
than a dress to the fancy affair, check out Mr. Ooley’s in Penn Square
Mall (1901 Northwest Expressway; 879-0888) for a paradise of dapper
menswear. Get a hat, shoes and a hand-tailored suit.

OK, all levels of fancy are covered.

And it’s completely reasonable to make up an event so you can wear something that makes you feel pretty. Let’s shop, OKC!

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