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I scream



Look, we love delicious, delicious ice cream as much as the next Okie, but this is possibly taking it too far.

According to an article on, the Oklahoma City police found a woman inside an ice cream truck at Woodson Park in southwest OKC. But let's just say she wasn't peddling sweet treats. Instead, cops found her slumped over, surrounded by used syringes and what was later identified as cocaine residue. Are they sure it wasn't just whipped cream residue? Maybe she was simply freebasing a banana split.

Anyway, Amanda Marylee Pickle, 30, reportedly was escorted out of the truck belonging to Summer Song Ice Cream and arrested on complaints of possession of a hypodermic needle and a controlled, dangerous substance. It must be noted that Pickle " although cops found her near two, uncapped, used syringes and the bottom part of a soda can that had been blackened as if by flame " used the Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan defense: It wasn't hers. reported that Pickle is not the ice cream company's employee, according to a woman contacted at Summer Song.

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