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I Think I Love My Wife



Reviewer grade: D


Family man and investment banker Richard Cooper (Chris Rock) is bored with life. His wife, Brenda (Gina Torres), won't have sex with him, forcing him to daydream about sleeping with beautiful women he sees in public. When old flame Nikki Tru (Kerry Washington) comes back in his life, Richard begins to lie to his wife and co-workers to spend time with her. When Nikki's dramatic lifestyle starts to tear Richard's life apart, he realizes what he truly has with his wife and kids and remains, mostly, faithful. Badly written, directed and acted, "I Think I Love My Wife" is rarely funny.


Generally good Steve Busccemi, who plays a supporting role as Rock's co-worker, and hilarious comedian Louis C.K., who co-wrote the film, can do little to save it. If you love your wife, think twice about taking her to see this. R


"?Joe Wertz 


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