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I wanna lock you up



A February warrant is outstanding regarding a probation violation from an October 2011 domestic assault case, reported

A probable cause affidavit filed in February 2012 states Abrams has “12 prior domestic cases dating back to 2005.” NewsOK also reported he’s in violation of his probation for not paying court fees or staying in contact with his probation officer.

Abrams was charged with hitting his wife in the face, as well as injuring her neck and thigh.

Also, after a rocky band
reunion, the early ’90s R&B hitmaker split again in August after
just three years back together. Color Me Badd’s last single,
“Skywalkin’,” was dedicated to victims of the May 20 tornadoes that
raked Moore, where Abrams claims to live. He has also taken over the
official Color Me Badd Facebook page to promote his solo efforts.

Come home, Abrams, and face the music.

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