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There’s an app that will gauge your performance based on pitch and such (if you actually download this and remember to switch it on before sexy time, our guess is that your score ain’t gonna be too impressive, sport).

But we digress. Anyhoo, apparently there’s even an app for baby-sitting. (Obviously for after you’ve seduced someone with a fart machine, measured your bedroom ability and then procreated.)

Getting the kiddies watched can be a pricey expenditure, especially if you’ve got more than one lamb in the flock. But $200 sounds a bit exorbitant.

Unfortunately, OKC parents Jeff and Holly Hall were slapped with that hefty fee after leaving their toddler alone with an iPhone. Hey, they don’t call them smartphones for nothing.

And in the case of the app-happy baby, mom and dad were definitely outsmarted. Baby London Hall has good taste, because, according to a recent KWTV Channel 9 report, the kiddo found a European app that costs $99.99 a pop.

It’s a tech-eat-tech world, kids.

Lesson? Pay for an actual baby-sitter. And put a lock on your iPhone, just to be safe.

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