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I’d buy that for a dollar



Credit: Brad Gregg

Low-point beer courtesy of good ol’ Dollar General will reside on its Oklahoma shelves probably between the paper plates and hula hoops. Or near the chew toys and potato chips. Or by the generic colas and sporks.

Oh, heck. Just ask Barb at the front register.

Dollar General no longer wants to be the go-to store for impulse buys or onetime essentials. Make that 303 out of the 345 Oklahoma stores when all licenses have been filed, said public relations manager Crystal Ghassemi, according to a recent article in The Journal Record.

The Goodlettsville, Tenn.-based company reportedly is distributing licenses to sell beer at 100 Oklahoma locations for the first round of its rollout.

“We want to make sure that we give the customers what they’re looking for in our stores,” the article quoted Ghassemi as saying.

Funny: Most customers would probably like help finding anything in a Dollar General.

Not funny: Beer isn’t going to be a dollar.

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