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The Danish thriller is worth watching for its twisty premise and the La Femme Nikita-level strong lead performance of Tuva Novotny (Eat Pray Love) as Ida, the amnesiac who, as she gradually emerges from her mental fog, comes to fear she may have been involved in the assassination of a politician. The truth is far worse.

ID:A — it stands for Identity Anonymous in addition to doubling as our heroine's invented name — has many surprises in store, but I marvel at how carefully director Christian E. Christiansen (The Roommate) parcels them out over the course of the slick story. Patience is rewarded.

While it doesn't hold the repeat value so many foreign thrillers do these days, ID:A represents a refreshingly adult (not in content) tale with as many brains as it has bullets. This 2011 film comes to our shelves imported by Shout! Factory. They gave it a shot; so should you. —Rod Lott

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