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Ignorance isn't bliss



If I seriously have to see another story about Sally Kern, I may puke. You are doing these hacks a service by publicizing their hatred and their agendas. You are doing their faithful a disservice by validating their words. Please save those stories for the Chicken-Fried News where they can be short and sweet.

As for Mickey McVay, you keep giving this guy a box on which to shout from about how wrong progressive ideas are. The latest one was a doozy (Letters, “Get out of ‘la la’ land,” June 15, Gazette)! He states that our air and water are safer and cleaner then a decade ago; that our life expectancy is longer.

First of all, we are running out of clean fresh water to drink and that goes for the world, not just our state. We might have really good air quality, but our state is almost last in healthy decisions. We have two cities that rank in the top 10 of cities with the most smokers. So we are smoking and eating ourselves to death. In a 2009 report on, it was said our life expectancy in Oklahoma is 10 years less than the national average.

If I wanted ignorant opinions, I would watch cable news!

—Rob Bennett
Oklahoma City

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