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Illumination' showcases cutting-edge design of furniture



Oklahomans lamenting the lack of contemporary and modern furniture in the city don't need to drive out of state to get their design fix. A new exhibit at City Arts Center that runs through December showcases cutting-edge furniture and lighting design.

"Illumination: The Art of Lighting and Furniture" contains the functional artwork of more than a dozen Oklahoma designers. The exhibit includes:
" chairs,
" tables,
" lamps,
" sofas,
" shelves and
" other pieces that blur the line between sculpture and furniture.

"There aren't many options in this town for high-end modern furniture," said Kyle Golding, an artist and graphic designer. "It seems to be one of the most growing aspects of art right now. Guys who used to do sculpture are scaling down some of their processes and doing functional art."

"Illumination" is also one of the few local art exhibits to focus exclusively on utilitarian art over the purely visual.

"The thing about art is, people get tired of looking at the same thing over and over," Golding said. "A lot of art shows have photographs and paintings, but functional art is something that hasn't been focused on as much. It's something people can take home and use. You can hang a work of art on the wall and it's beautiful, but you can spend the same amount of money on a chair or a lamp and feel like you're getting some use out of it."

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