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I'm not dead yet!



A trio of artists have combined their collections into a Paseo Art Space exhibit showing their devotion to their careers.

The result, “I Thought He Was Dead,” is an exhibition devoted to persistence.

All three artists have been creating works of art for about 30 years. Reggie Jaime and Lammy Weisman were among the first artists to have studios in the Paseo, while Mark Gilmore started the Classen Art Center.

right, Mark Gilmore’s “Beautiful as the Moon” appears in “I Thought He Was Dead.”

“They have known each other for years and years, and I think they got together and decided it would be good to do an exhibit together,” said Jo Wise, executive director of Paseo Arts Association. “They all went their separate ways, but they’ve all kept in touch over the years.”

The exhibition is a celebration for the three to be able to stick it out as artists, rather than giving it up for other jobs.

The exhibited works don’t have a common subject matter and are in different media. Weisman creates glass works, while Jaime and Gilmore focus more on drawings or paintings.

“All three people have very distinct, different styles,” Wise said. “Even though they are hung together on the walls, you can definitely see one next to the other as different artists.”

The exhibition closes with a masquerade party at 6 p.m. Friday at 3022 Paseo, with live music and dance. For more information, call 525-2688 or visit

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