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Imposing homo-hatred



Answering Roger Barton's letter ("'Gray' for gay," May 12, 2010, Gazette) about civil rights for gay citizens, Mark Mason (Letters, "The 'Gray' village," May 19, 2010, Gazette) writes of his concern about same-gender marriage and uses the phrase "marriage fraud" to describe the tactic some terrorists use to gain immigrant access to the United States. Mason attempts to equate this use of fraud to same-gender couples who sincerely want the same benefits straight couples have " yet are denied " even though gay people pay the same taxes, if not more so than straights.

There is nothing fraudulent about my 33-year commitment to my partner; both of us are native-born citizens. However, there is fraud in the use of the police power of the state and federal governments that continue to deny us our civil rights under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, entitling all citizens to the protection of the laws.

As Mason suggests the possibility of a final gay solution, it reminded me of how that phrase was used toward European minorities in World War II. Mason has nothing to fear from any gay man or woman.

I think we have more to fear from him and others wanting to impose their repressive homo-hatred on us.
"James Nimmo
Oklahoma City

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