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In the Land of Women



Reviewers' grade: D+

With a title like that, this could only be a horror movie, right? If only. No, it's a touchy-feely series of anecdotes about a writer of soft-core porn who is dumped by his movie-star girlfriend and soon after moves to Michigan to care for his loony grandmother and write a great novel.


Adam Brody, from TV's "The O.C.," stars as the writer. Meg Ryan is the older woman who lives across the street, and Kristen Stewart is her high-school-aged daughter. Both women develop crushes on the 20-something pornographer, which gives this movie the creepy air of pedophilia. It's all very superficial, from writing to acting to message.


Brody displays as much charisma as a sack of lawn clippings, and Stewart is only a moderately attractive teen diva who probably will age about as gracefully as Leelee Sobieski. Ryan couldn't resurrect her pre-Russell Crowe popularity by flashing her boobs in "In the Cut" and she's not going to do it by going all perky again now. PG-13


"?Doug Bentin


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