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In winter, activity at Chesapeake Boathouse bustles indoors



With winter here, what could possibly be happening at the Chesapeake Boathouse, the local venue for sculling, crew, kayaking and dragon boating?

Oddly enough, the two-year-old facility at 725 S. Lincoln is a hub of activity " just not on the icy cold water that runs alongside it. 
"It's a full, year-round operation here. The core of what we do is rowing, kayaking and getting people on the water," said Mike Knopp, executive director of the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation and a 15-year veteran of the sport of rowing. "The spirit of the boathouse is fitness." 

Its Web site claims the boathouse aims to build "a stronger, healthier community," and to that end, conducts:
" yoga classes,
" indoor rowing practice and
" strength training.

Step into the main entrance, and that feeling of strength is emphasized with the selection of high-end exercise equipment, such as:
" ellipticals,
" spinning bikes,
" ergometers, and
" Olympic-style and machine weights. 

The unique thing about the boathouse " and the element that makes it especially appealing during the months of winter " is that patrons don't have to be water lovers in order to purchase a membership or buy a day pass.
"It's an asset down here on the river, and we're tying to get the message out to people that they can come in any time. It's open to the entire community. It's a nonprofit organization, and it's not too high-priced," said Knopp. "Jody Noerdlinger


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