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You talk, we listen! Here's what readers said on some of last week's Oklahoma Gazette stories in print and online at, via unedited comments left on our Facebook page at

On Rep. Sally Kern's statement that "homosexual millionaires" have been working secretly for years "to change the society of America, the political side of America, so that there would be freedom and equality for everyone":
""all the money in the world still cant pull oklahoma's mindset out of the 1960s sadly. every step takes forward it might as well take two more back with people like kern" "Joey Stipek
""This woman gives Oklahomans a bad name." "Jo Peters
""Such a sad lady." "Paul Austin
""The more I read about Brittany Novotny, the more impressed I am with her (rather than just being 'Anyone but Kern.')" "Suzanne Corbell Gert
""My god, she's more obsessed with gay people than gay stalkers!" "Matthew Atkinson
""Really, how do these people come up with this nonsense? I really do wonder why she's so homophobic, it's too over the top" "Heather Anne Goodban
""The bible says that if we have judged others harshly we too will be judged harshly. I don't think God is going to be as happy to see her as she thinks he is. Just sayin..." "Bethany Pierson Allen
""What woman wouldn't love to have a Homosexual Millionaire for a best friend!" "Lilli Bassett
""Homosexuality is wrong, it goes against human nature, and is not God created. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?? Hello!! I think it is a Christians duty to stand up against abominations to God. If you dont... then your not truly a Christian. ... Its the Liberals that are going to take our Country down a little at a time, piece by piece, this is just the tip of the iceberg!! LOL!!! Ya'll havent seen anything yet! lol.." "Kandi Anderson
""The way I was raised, to be Christian means to love EVERYONE like Jesus did. Hello!! And I was raised in Oklahoma. Loving is so much easier than hating." "Conni Ohler Eckstein
""I've actually had to tell people from other parts of the country that Oklahomans aren't really all like that. She makes us all look like backward, closed-minded country bumpkins." "Erin Deal
""The sooner we fight the cancer of the human race (organized religion) the sooner we will see sense.""Gordon Hudson
""at least America would look better when they redecorate!" "Kelly Taylor

On accusations that the religious coalition Oklahoma Sponsoring Committee is "a socalistic-type organization":
""Christ did not teach social justice." "Howard Manwarren
""Since when did community involvement become socialism? We ALL have a civil duty to help improve our communities....volunteerism. If you don't believe in it, then simply shut up and go to the movies" "Lara Rodgers Easterwood
""While I have significant philosophical and political issues with some of the participating denominations, that doesn't mean this effort isn't a good thing and deserving of support. If this be socialism, then call me a Trotskyite." "Roger Barton
""Socialism is only a dirty word to the uberwealthy and the ignorant." "Robert Jackson
""I think it's telling that the people opposed to this seem to think that poor people aren't hardworking...In my experience, quite the opposite is true. I'm pretty sure JC would agree.""Colin Newman

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