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You talk, we listen! Here's what readers said on some of last week's Oklahoma Gazette stories, via unedited comments left on our Facebook page at

On State Question 755, on barring Islamic Sharia law from courts:
""Asinine xenophobic nonsense appealing to the most base elements of human nature." "Michael Speck
""do we not have any more pressing issues? I mean, when is there going to be a meaningful ballot measure for us to vote on that will make young voters like me want to vote?" "Davod Nematpour
""Wait...was there ever a CHANCE our courts would use Sharia law? This is such a non-issue. A distraction from anything that may actually touch people's lives in this state" "Chantel McCray
""lawmakers get paid to solve ACTUAL problems, and instead, people, like duncan, write bills about hot-button issues in order to get press. i think duncan's salary, footed by tax-payers, is state money poorly spent." "Kayla Croce-Hunt
""Don't see how any one in OKlahoma or US is ever in any danger of being held responsible under Sharia law. Can't believe it would even take up the legislature's time. Ridiculous." "Stephanie Knapp

On soliciting questions for our interview with Bill Cosby (see page 49):
""What happened to Leonard Parts 1-5?" "Katie Bayliss
""Did he drop acid when he was writing The Brown Hornet?" "Mike Moon

On suggesting captions for the above snapped-on-campus photo:
""I knew I shouldn't have bought a QUARTER horse from a Texan!" "Rave Meyer
""a recent alumni, having attempted to get a job with a mere bachelors rides back into town on the finest horse he could afford." "Robert Jackson
""Brokeback Campus" "Graham Gallamore

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