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You talk, we listen! Here's what readers said on some of last week's Oklahoma Gazette stories, via unedited comments left on our Facebook page at

On State Question 747, on term limits:
""People say they 'don't get involved in politics' but they need to pay attention ... the people that get elected run our lives more than we could ever imagine." "Robin Dorner
""We already have term limits, it's called VOTING! If voters weren't so damn lazy then we could get rid of the bad ones and keep the good ones around by exercising our patriotic duty!" "Jeremy Hendricks

On PETA's nude shower in downtown to promote going vegan:
""Sure wish they'd come up with a new gimmick, 'oooh naked ladies' got old instantly." "Amy Smith
""If god did not want us to eat meat, he would not have made animals out of delicious food!"
"Graham Gallamore
""They wouldn't DREAM of exploiting the skin of an animal, but women? No worries." "Stephanie Scott
""I remember they released a video a few years ago that featured a young woman who declared something to the effect of 'We will continue to get naked for as long as we have to to get people to stop eating meat.' Now that, to me, seems like a hopelessly counter-effective strategy." "Logan Swift
""When is PETA going to stop exploiting women's bodies to protest inhumane treatment?" "Matthew Atkinson

On Ralph Nader's visit to discuss the state's restrictive ballot access laws:
""I don't always agree with Ralph Nader, but in this article his statements appear to hit every nail clean on the head."
"Roger Barton

On Lamar Advertising's rejection of an atheist group's billboards:
""'Freedom of Religion' unless you have a different religion." "Harold Davis
""religious groups/cults/congregations are some of the biggest haters on the planet." "Tommy Dees
""What would the outcome/reaction have been if a company instead decided to refuse a Christian billboard, and that Christian organisation went to the media in OK about it? I'm sure it would be backlash backlash backlash, somebody is going to hell" "Carrie Strong
""It's nice to see something different represented. Christian dogma gets tiring after awhile." "Liz Breen

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