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IndianGiver — Plafond EP



Facetious it may be, but it’s far from pretentious; there isn’t a hint of self-seriousness or egotism here, and it makes for a listening experience that’s both endearing and immersive.

The band’s self-released debut, Plafond EP, is an exuberantly garnished three-track release — one that showcases a diverse instrumental breadth, clever arrangements and charming “la-di-da” harmonization. Each song is an exercise in charisma and compositional wherewithal, yet the group remains careful never to stray far from the formula.

The title track, for example, starts in a ¾ waltz with vocal harmonies layered atop an alluring synth/guitar hook and a languid bass line. A minute-and-a-half in, the time signature is altered and the tempo increased in a brief instrumental passage, only to revert back to its original melody. The tactic doesn’t surprise, per se, but it keeps listeners on their toes so as not to become seduced by the song’s otherwise cordial approach.

This formula persists throughout the EP’s 12-plus minutes, but it’s a formula well-suited for their strengths. The word “plafond” is defined as “an ornately decorated ceiling” — and it’s ultimately a fitting descriptor. But how high the ceiling will reach in time is anyone’s guess.

Download the EP at —Zach Hale

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