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The Independent Film Channel explores the history of sexuality in cinema in "Indie Sex," a compilation of three related one-hour documentaries, each tackling a different aspect.


"Censorship" details society's efforts throughout history to suppress sex on screen. Vintage film clips demonstrate that whereas we picture the Thirties and Forties as the "good ol' days" when people were far too proper to do anything dirty, the truth is quite the opposite: Your great-granddad was a total perv.


This segment concludes with an interesting look at the NC-17 rating, and how the failure of Paul Verhoeven's "Showgirls" inadvertently doomed the new label. 


"Teens" is the least compelling of the three, delving into sex comedies such as "Porky's" that portray young men and women as what they truly are, even if society doesn't want to acknowledge it: wildly horny. No surprise there, and the talking-head interviewers don't lend much insight.


Then there's "Extremes," a disturbing look at pushing boundaries, including Vincent Gallo's infamous, unsimulated fellatio scene in "The Brown Bunny" or John Cameron Mitchell's "Shortbus," featuring an entire, real on-screen orgy.


Extras for the two-disc set include an actual stag film from days yore. Be warned: It may be decades old, but it's shockingly explicit.


"?Rod Lott


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