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Insane Clown Posse show too dangerous for children



I was horrifed at the dangerous behavior at the concert. The fans broke down the barigade, stomping people and children as young as 7 yrs old. The Diamond ballroom didnt have enough sercurity and has been reckless in allowing "all ages" shows. No one should allow minors to such dangerous events as these. They didnt have enough staff and were'nt properly trained crowds like this. 

I had to help a few people to to the door for safety includng a small girl (maybe 8 yrs old) get to a parimedic as she held her arm crying. The parents were thoughtless in allowing this by taking there kids to such concerts, and ICP is to blame for inciting a riot, by encouraging the crowd to rush the stage, throwing bottles at people.
They're to blame because they could have, at anytime, told their fans to calm down, and maybe alot of injuries could have been prevented, and the fans should be ashamed of them selves for how they acted. Even pregnant women endangering their unborn by moshing,and drinking beer.
The diamond Ballroom should never allow people under 18 at these events that involve physcopathc records. Even the concert with Twiztid (same record lable) wasnt as animalistic and dangerous as this. These ICP guys "violent J" and "shaggy2 dope" should take responsability for their part in what happened and so should the fans. We should all be held responsible for the people we influence and that we let influence us.

"Moira Leisy

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