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Using a new, web-based initiative that is simple and straightforward, Allied Arts seeks to engage the community and bolster funding for arts programs throughout central Oklahoma. is a crowd-sourced funding site modeled similarly to popular crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, created exclusively for arts and cultural nonprofits and connecting projects with donors on a personal basis. With a very clear and user-friendly platform, projects are introduced on the site with a funding goal and a clear explanation in the form of a brief presentation of how donated money will be used. Unlike initiatives like Indiegogo, in which the funds are released only if a certain dollar amount is met, Power2give is designed so every project receives all money that they raise, regardless of whether they meet their goal.

“This is a really exciting idea and has great appeal for those projects and small arts programs that don’t have the resources — financial or otherwise — to seek funding,” said Kristen Bromley, the communications and employee giving assistant for Allied Arts who is helping organize the program.

Allied Arts works with 26 member organizations to obtain and distribute funding for arts and cultural programs throughout central Oklahoma.

Power2give puts all the information about all of the programs in one place, allowing donors to search multiple projects to find one or more that appeal to them. Each project has a short presentation on the site, a brief explanation of what the program is, what funding is needed and what it will be used for.

Another feature unique to the program is the opportunity to purchase gift cards.

“This idea of buying these gift cards, this is something [Allied Arts’ board of directors] got very excited about,” Bromley said, “the idea of giving them to children — almost as a teaching tool — and teaching them about giving and philanthropy and the arts.”

By far the most exciting thing about Power2give is the scope of the project, as well as it’s simplicity.

“This site is open to any arts nonprofit 501c3 in the 10-county area that we cover, these organizations that might not have a large revenue stream or might not have the ability to go out and really seek funding,” Bromley said. “All they have to do is apply, meet the qualifications and post their projects.”

It’s not a fancy gala or a labor-intensive investment in something that is valuable to the community as a whole, and that’s what sets this initiative apart. Power2give provides a tangible way that people can be involved in the arts that doesn’t break the bank or take up much time. That is what Allied Arts is counting on: To be out and engaging the community in a new and accessible way. Visit the site at

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