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International Photography Hall of Fame presents 'History Repeats' display



How many ways can history repeat itself? It's black and white for photographer Tom Lee.

Lee has captured 30 ways "History Repeats" for his show at the International Photography Hall of Fame, which displays historical quotes from luminaries like Socrates, Voltaire and Jim Morrison in current, relevant environments exemplifying that we've learned nothing from history class.

Armed with an extensive list of quotes to use, Lee said he worked to find ways to illustrate the phrases, showing how history and politics have not changed, instead transforming into focal points for social commentary.

"History is full of examples of artists expressing their political views through their art," he said. "And 'History Repeats' is no different."

Combining artistic expression with political activism was a new creative direction for Lee, who said completing the two-year process of "History Repeats" without digital manipulation or Photoshop techniques was important.

"With digital photography and Photoshop, it is possible to manufacture an image in the computer that would be impossible to recreate in reality. I wanted to photograph quotes in locations that were plausible and in a situation where you could reasonably expect to see such a sign," he said, adding that the exhibit's political statements have historical context, but aren't "tied to any politician or party."

For Lee, the beauty of photography is the process "? shooting, developing and printing "? and actually having a hand in image-making.

"History Repeats" is on display through Nov. 30 at the International Photography Hall of Fame inside Science Museum Oklahoma, 2100 N.E. 52nd. For more information, call 424-4055. "?Natalie Burkey


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